Illinois Couple Weds With Adoptable Puppies Serving as Bridesmaid Bouquets

September 12, 2018



A canine-loving couple who tied the knot in Illinois this past weekend decided to use their special day to promote the cause of puppy adoption by featuring puppy "bouquets" at their wedding.

Brian and Kyle Morris asked their 10 bridesmaids to cradle cute doggos as they walked down the aisle at Willoughby Farm in Collinsville, Illinois.

The couple, who adopted three of their own dogs from local animal rescue Partners for Pets, asked the nonprofit to bring in a litter of puppies for their special day. "Kyle and I have always been dog lovers," says Brian. "We thought having dog bouquets would be a great way for everyone at our wedding to see cute puppies...We wanted the new puppies to get out of their cage for the day and maybe even get some adopted." It worked! KDSK-TV reports that eight of the 10 pups have since been adopted.