Lay's Introduces 8 New Potato Chip 'Local' Flavors

July 18, 2018
Lay's Introduces 8 New Potato Chip 'Local' Flavors



In an effort to showcase different local cuisines from across the country, the Lay’s new “Tastes of America” flavors are inspired by popular regional dishes:

Cajun Spice (Origin: Central Gulf)

Chili con Queso (Origin: Texoma, Mountain, Southern California)

Chesapeake Crab Bay Spice (Origin: Mid-Atlantic)

Deep Dish Pizza (Origin: Heartland and Mid-America)

Fried Pickles with Ranch  (Origin: Midwest)

New England Lobster Roll (Origin: Northeast)

Pimento Cheese (Origin: Southeast)

Sweet Thai Chili (Origin: Pacific Northwest)

According to People, the new bags will hit grocery stores beginning on July 30 and will be available until September 23, but will only be available in the region where the flavor was inspired by.

If you want to try all eight flavors without having to stalk the supermarket shelves, you can purchase a variety pack at