Look: Woman Uses Cousin's Manicured Hand in Engagement Photo

November 5, 2018
Engagement Ring



An Australian couple's engagement photo has gone viral for a very hilarious reason. Diana didn't have her nails done when her boyfriend José proposed, so she swapped in her cousin Jenna's hand for her own. A picture posted by Jenna shows the happy couple kissing as she kneels down beside them and stretches out her hand. "My cousin’s boyfriend proposed to her but she didn’t have her nails done lmao," she tweeted.

The cousin-turned-hand-model later explained to BuzzFeed, "We considered quickly painting her nails but in the excitement of the moment, we couldn’t wait so I suggested using my hand instead." Twitter users were delighted by the idea. "This is something I would do if mine [my nails> weren't done," one person tweeted. Another wrote to a friend, "Please do this for me because you know my nails are never done and yours are always on point."