Man Fired After Recording His Farts at Work for 6 Months

August 24, 2018
security guard



Meet "Paul Flart," a Florida man who has spent the last six months recording his farts at work and sharing them on Instagram. Flart, whose real name is Doug, went viral this week after someone made a video compilation of his most memorable farts. He now has more than 45,000 Instagram followers. Unfortunately, the hospital where Flart worked as a security guard was not impressed and fired him--not for farting, but for using his phone a ridiculous number of times at work.

Flart is unfazed and says he plans on capitalizing on his newfound fame by getting a social media manager and creating more fart-themed content. "We live in a society where this is the big popular thing right now, but next week, unless I'm doing more than keeping it going, it's going to be nothing," he tells VICE. "We can do Paul Flart on vacation, you know, throw in like a Hawaiian shirt and a hat of some sort. And then just fart around Florida."