Mizzou Grad Poses for Commencement Photos With Dairy Cow

December 17, 2018



On Thursday afternoon, University of Missouri animal sciences major Massimo Montalbano strode onto campus in a cap and gown to pose for his commencement photo--with a 3-year-old dairy cow in tow. "I just gave her a bath this morning," Montalbano told a passerby who paid a compliment to the cow's coat. Montalbano has worked with the towering Holstein, named Amelia, for his entire undergraduate career, and got special permission to let her pose with him. Amazingly, this happens quite a bit at Mizzou. “We’ve had a number of students over the years who have had an interest in dairy who have had photos taken with cows on the quad,” Vice Provost Jim Spain told The Columbia Missourian. 

MIZ - MOO Congrats to Massimo Montalbano, graduate in animal sciences! (And his friend Amelia too) --

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