Movies to Go See Thanksgiving Weekend with the Entire Fam

November 20, 2018
Thanksgiving Movies

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Hanging with friends and family this holiday weekend? Here are the movies you're all bound to love.

Thanksgiving can be stressful enough without fights over which movies to go see. That's why Mashable is here to help with its picks for new flicks to catch no matter who you're hanging with this holiday weekend:


With your uncle who gets way too into his Oscar pool: The Favourite. This period piece is definitely one to know if you're invested in the acting categories, as Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone all stand a good chance of getting in. Plus, it's just plain fun—think Thrones-level scheming, plus more oddly compelling camerawork and a healthy side of pitch-black humor.

With your entire family, extended relatives included: Ralph Breaks the Internet. Disney Animation is second to none when it comes to entertainment gentle enough to amuse the kiddies and smart enough to impress the grown-ups, and Ralph Breaks the Internet is no exception. 

With your mother-in-law who really loves Christmas: The Grinch. It's an entire movie about how Christmas is not just great, but the absolute best, and will definitely, eventually soften of even hardest of cynics.

With your parents who keep asking for movie recs: Creed II. Think sports movie plus family drama plus romance plus beefcake showcase, and then multiply it by the nostalgia that comes from seeing Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago back onscreen.

With your Friendsgiving crew: Widows. There is something kind of invigorating about watching a bunch of messed-up people coming together and finding strength in one another, and then using that new power to pull off a truly daring, dangerous heist. 

With your sister who's fighting off her tryptophan stupor: Overlord. If anything's exciting enough to stave off that impending food coma, it's gotta be the movie about killing Nazi zombies.

With your cousins who just want to get out of the house: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. The sheer amount of WTF-ery on display means there'll be plenty to discuss after, giving you guys an excuse to hit the bar instead of just slinking back home. 

With your grandparents who'd really prefer to stay in: The Christmas Chronicles. Kurt Russell plays a sexy Santa in this Netflix offering. What's not to love?