New Emojis for 2019 Include Interracial Couples, Guide Dogs & Sloths

February 7, 2019



The Unicode Consortium has unveiled the 59 new emojis that will be rolled out this March. They include interracial couples, guide dogs and an adorable sloth hanging from a branch. Other symbols include a drop of blood and a pinching symbol, prompting people to joke on social media that they were new ways to talk about menstruation and small penises, respectively. 

New animal emojis making the cut in this edition are a skunk, an otter and a flamingo. When gender variations and skin tone options are taken into account, the 75 emojis increase to a range of 230 possibilities.

-- Breaking: these are the 230 new emojis approved for release in 2019. Link in bio for video and full details -- #emoji #emojis #new emojis #emoji12 #unicode #emojipedia

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