People Are Tweeting All of the Weird Nicknames They Call Their Pets

January 25, 2019



This week, Twitter user @metroadlib highlighted the fact that he rarely calls his pup by his real name. "My dog's name is Cooper," he wrote. "I call him: Boubba Boub, Honey Bunny, Coopy Poopy, Hey-Lover-This-Is-More-Than-A-Crush, Stink Boy, and Sweet Boy. I use Sweet Boy the most. I call this motherf**ker 'Cooper' exactly 7 percent of the time." The tweet quickly went viral as thousands of pet owners began sharing the many nicknames they have for their animals. Here are a handful of highlights:


  • My cat's name is Finn. I call him my baby boy, Boo-bear, Finnamon Bun, Finnstagram, Finnalicious, Fatty, Chubbalub, Belly, and STOP EATING THE DONUTS!!!
  • My dog Monty is otherwise known as: Montgomery, Montague, Montus, Puppy/Pupperino, Montasaurus Rex, His Lordship. Would also respond if you ever said "montage" in a sentence.
  • My cat's name is Ginny. I call her Ma'am, Cat, Kitty, Babes, Babies, and ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
  • I have a bunny named Jigsaw. I call her: Jiggy, My Girl, My Baby Girl, Hey Girl, Cutie. I also have a bunny named Hannibal. I call him: My Little Cannibal, Cannibal Bunny, Little One, Itty Bitty One, Tiny Baby.
  • My dog's name is Abby (Abigail). She answers to: Her name, Poops, Big Baby, AbbyCakes, AbbleSauce, Bunny Woof, PoohPooh, and Dog (when she's in trouble).

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