Rebel Wilson Teaches Kids How to Use Tinder

February 16, 2019
Rebel Wilson

USA Images


On the Valentine's Day episode of Ellen, Rebel Wilson visited a group of elementary school students and taught them about Tinder. "Their picture comes up and if you click yes, you click on the love heart. But if you want to reject them and say nah, no thank you—because I have high standards because I'm a celebrity—you just click no," she explained. The kids gave their feedback on her prospects, calling one man "so charming" and voicing their approval for a man who had blond hair like Wilson. "Do you think I'd be a good catch to somebody? Because at the moment, I don't have any boyfriends," Wilson told them. "One went to jail—tax fraud so it wasn't that bad." When the children looked confused, she elaborated, "It's like a white collar crime. But you know, kind of everyone does that nowadays."