The Responsible Adult's Guide to Drinking During the Holidays

November 26, 2018
Christmas Office Holiday Parties



We're now in the heart of holiday season, which means plenty of opportunities to hoist several cups of cheer with your friends and co-workers. To this end, Deadspin has published "the responsible adult's guide to boozing around the holidays," which is summarized below:

  • Make some egg nog. Why not make this the year in which you replace that lame tradition of making tree-shaped sugar cookies with brewing your very own batch of nog? It’s not that hard to do, and the rewards (getting good and drunk) are better than those any amount of cookies can offer. Beyond that, there’s the haughty satisfaction of showing up to your frenemy Steve’s holiday party with a classy punch bowl filled with homemade egg nog, which everyone will be super impressed by.
  • Drink big, bold beers. Spring and summer is for sipping the lighter offerings of your macro-brew overlords and, when whimsy strikes, a craft pilsner. Fall’s got its share of okay and slightly more muscular beers, what with the odd Oktoberfest or pumpkin ale. But come the holiday season, expect something weighty. I’m talking about Baltic porters, imperial stouts, Christmas ales, and more.
  • Drink strategically. At the office holiday party, drink three alcoholic beverages. You’ll think you want more, but three’s all you need. These are your co-workers and bosses, not the bros you rushed Delta Psi with. After three boozy drinks, just switch a non-alcoholic beer or soda water with lime. If you’ve got multiple parties to attend in one week, don’t be afraid to not drink at all. Lastly, don’t be afraid to take a night off.