Senior Class Plays Hilariously Prank by Dressing Up For Their ID Pictures

September 17, 2018
Classroom of Students

Photo 96509484 © Antonio Guillem -


Most seniors pull a class prank at the end of the year. 

Not the class of Farmington Hills, Michigan. They started by playing a prank on picture day! 

Instead of dressing appropiately for their school ID photos, most students showed up as a celebrity or pop cultural doppelganger to emulate. 

“It is a rite of passage for the seniors and it has been something we have been looking forward to since we were freshmen,” Molly Deighton, 18, told HuffPost. “The one thing that I really like about it is that it’s unique to North Farmington, and while everybody has prom, we have senior ID day, which is always the best day of the year.”

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