Should You Eat Breakfast on Thanksgiving?

November 21, 2018
Thanksgiving breakfast



Considering you're going to be consuming an epic amount of food in the p.m. hours of Thanksgiving, is it a good idea to eat breakfast first? Yes, says Rebecca Firsker of Extra Crispy, who writes, "It's generally just a good idea to eat breakfast every morning—you’re a living, breathing human who needs food to live. It’s even more important to feed yourself on busy, potentially high-stress days. And if you have plans to cook a multi-course meal for a dozen people, odds are you’re going to going to be extremely busy and on stress level 6 million. To deal with that, you'll need something in your belly."

Among the dishes she recommends are sweet potato baked oatmeal, microwave egg sandwiches, butternut squash hash, and--this being the 21st century--avocado toast.

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