Steph Curry's Mom Hits Halfcourt Shot During All-Star Weekend

February 18, 2019

USA Images


Steph Curry isn't the only one in his family who can sink a halfcourt shot. His mom, Sonya, proved that on Friday in Charlotte during the NBA All-Star Weekend. USA Today reports the amazing shot took place during a Curry family shooting event to celebrate their refurbishing of a Charlotte area community center. The family helped refurbish the Carole Hoefener Center to honor their Charlotte roots. Dad Dell Curry played for the Charlotte Hornets while Steph was growing up. When it came Sonya's turn to try to make the basket, she tossed the basketball up in one hand like you would while bowling and swished it in. Everyone on the court went wild, with Sonya running around and Steph beaming like crazy. Mom even did a signature Curry-style dance in celebration.