The Ten Most Expensive Cities to Go See a Concert

March 27, 2019

Concert tickets are crazy expensive these days.  Especially if you have to buy them through a reseller.  So SeatGeek looked at how much second-hand tickets cost in America's 50 biggest cities.

The lowest is in Norfolk, Virginia, where the average ticket costs $85.  Here are the ten most expensive cities to go see a concert . . .


1.  Las Vegas, $206 per ticket.  A study last year found Vegas also has more concerts per capita than any other city.


2.  San Jose, $167.


3.  Miami, $166.


4.  San Antonio, $159.


5.  Dallas, $158.


6.  New York, $154.


7.  New Orleans, $145.


8.  Houston, $142.


9.  Los Angeles, $140.


10.  Chicago, also $140.  We haven't seen an average ticket price anywhere.  But out of the 50 cities they looked at, the median price was $123 per ticket.