The Term "Ghosted" Gets a Halloween Costume

September 24, 2018
Ghost Costume



There's a new way to dress up as a GHOST for Halloween. 

Party City is now selling a "Ghosted" Halloween costume for women. The $24.99 hooded white dress features a string of blue iMessage texts across the front. The unanswered texts read in sequence, "See you tonight," "???," "R U OK!?," "Hello!," and "Guess not!" It appears the costume hit too close to home for some people who took to Twitter to share their thoughts. "Sent this to the person that's ghosting me and they didn't reply," one wrote. Another joked, "Party City hacked into my messages to make this costume. I'm suing." Meanwhile, one person declared, "My culture is not a costume."

It’s official...ghosting has become a real thing! It’s now a Halloween costume! @partycity

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