Vanessa Hudgens Is Designing a Line of Suits for Women

September 28, 2018
Vanessa Hudgens

USA Images


Vanessa Hudgens is designing a line of women's suits for Suistudio that will be available on October 11. "I was like a kid in the candy store picking out buttons and fabrics and details," she tells Page Six. "Whenever you step into a new pair of shoes, it’s slightly terrifying, but I knew what my vision was." The range will include five complete looks and 15 separates, including $100 vests, $499 blazers and $200 pants. Three-piece suits retail for $799. "My biggest style inspiration is Bianca Jagger, because she did effortless femininity meets masculinity, and I think there’s something very powerful about that," Hudgens explains. "The way she presented herself to the world was really elegant, but kind of bada**."