What Your Favorite Food Emoji Says About You

July 27, 2018



Next to the crying laugh emoji or poop emoji....what does your favorite food emoji say about you? Let's dig in and see! 

Thanks to Delish, each food emoji is paired with a personality description. 

Spaghetti emoji - A spaghetti user is a homebody, an old soul, a real friend. She's not the first to suggest "why don't we just ... not go out tonight? It'll be so much more fun to stay in!" but she's nodding, right there with you always. Finds comfort in routine and fresh mozz.

Pizza emoji - Pizza people are also traditionalists, of sorts. They prefer to stick with what they know and are therefore big proponents of living their lives by the #NoNewFriends policy. They get along with --, though, of course. Two peas in a marinara-filled pod.

Champagne emoji - Those who pop champagne on the regular are no stranger to the glam. In fact, they'll insist their bachelorette parties are in Vegas while wondering if it's too much to ask their friends if they'd consider going in on four nights of bottle service. 

Tropical Drink emoji - When she's not on vacation, she's looking forward to it, recreating it to the best of her abilities at home. If traveling is not an option, she's treating herself in other little ways: an ice cream pit-stop on the way home, a new Madewell cardigan. The good stuff.

Taco emoji - Those who can't go without taco emojis are adventurous, fun. Also, they are obsessed with e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g the internet is obsessed with. That incredibly weird new Insta eyebrow trend? In. Keto-approved snacking bread? So in.

So what food emoji best describes you? Let us know in the Facebook comments! 

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