WATCH: 'Cheeseburger' The Bear Tried to Steal Pot Shop's Dumpster

It's funny when it's a bear named "Cheeseburger," but it's a felony if your friend nicknamed "Cheeseburger" did it

July 25, 2019

(NOW) - When employees at Colorado's The Bud Depot got to work, they noticed that the marijuana dispensary's dumpster had gone missing. So they went to the surveillance camera tape.

During the night, a bear smashed through the locked gate behind the store and attempted to break into their trash. When "Cheeseburger," as they dubbed it, had no luck opening the disposal container, the dumpster got pushed down the street.

Budtender Nikko Garza joked, "He's all into the Rocky Mountain high and I don't blame him. He knows the good stuff when he sees it, or should I say smells it."

Perhaps Cheeseburger has a future in pot sales, with Garza admitting, "Everybody wants to work at a cannabis shop. He's just showing initiative."

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