Dillon Webb

Columbia County Sheriff's Office

Charges dropped against man with 'I Eat A**' bumper sticker 

He had a valid defense under the First Amendment.

May 10, 2019

Charges have been dropped against a Florida man whose bumper sticker made national headlines.

Dillon Shane Webb, 23, was stopped by a police officer Sunday because he had an "I Eat A**" bumper sticker on his truck.

The officer asked him to remove it, Webb refused and he was arrested.

Webb later explained his reason for refusing, noting, "Saying ‘bomb’ on a plane — that’s just being stupid. Mine is just funny."

Apparently, the District Attorney agrees. On Thursday, Webb received a call from a prosecutor who told him charges have been dropped because he has a valid defense under the First Amendment.

"The deputy overstepped his boundaries by asking me to remove the sticker," Webb told the New York Post. "I want people to see that police officers are not above the law."

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