Firefighters Warn Leaving a Water Bottle in Your Car Can Set it on Fire

Now water bottles can light our cars on fire, this is heat is freaking scary!!

July 19, 2019

(NOW) - Who knew a full or partially-full waterbottle could be so deadly!? As St. Louis and most of the U.S. are dealing with the hottest week of the year thus far, firefighters are reminding people to stay hydrated. But when you do, don't leave half-full water bottles in the car because they could start fires.

"If you do leave a bottle of water in your vehicle and the sun catches it just right, it could act like a magnifying glass," says Charlottesville firefighter Frank Scopelliti. "[It could> heat a specific spot and start a smoldering fire that could eventually become a real fire."

Acknowledging that the idea might sound a little far-fetched, the Midwest City Fire Department in Oklahoma conducted an experiment, holding a water bottle in front of a piece of paper on a sunny day. Sure enough, the concentrated sunlight quickly burned a hole right through the paper.

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