Broccoli Lattes Are Now Added To The Weird Beverage List

June 8, 2018

---- Can bad things stop happening to good coffee!? Melbourne has hit ‘peak Melbourne’ with broccoli lattes set to be the new “super” drink! -- Hit the link in our bio to read about this madness #tendaily #broccolilatte --: Getty Images

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Add another crazy beverage to the weird beverage list! Yes Broccoli lattes are now a thing!  Would you try one? That's a hard PASS for me. 

Who watched The Project last night? Broccoli latte anyone? Fresh Select is proud to be teaming up with CSIRO & HORT INNOVATION to develop BROCCOLI POWDER! Nutrient-rich coffees may be on the horizon after researchers have developed a powder that is made from imperfect-looking broccoli that would have been cast aside during processing. Being delivered through Hort Innovation for Australian vegetable growers and led by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, the new product packs a healthy punch with approximately one serve of broccoli in every two tablespoons of powder. Hort Innovation chief executive John Lloyd said the powder could be used for smoothies, soups, baking, as a way of hiding broccoli from fussy kids in meals, and even in coffees. “With a rising trend in healthy eating across the board, Australian growers are always looking at ways to diversify their products and cut waste while meeting consumer demand,” he said. #broccoli #broccolilatte #broccolipowder #hortinnovation #csiro #goodmorning #broccolicoffee #growinginnovation #farming #farmer #freshselect #aussiefarmers

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