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Creed From 'The Office' Guesses What Creed Would Be Doing Now in Real Life

Only Creed Bratton could know what Creed Bratton is up to.

July 31, 2019

(NOW) - Creed Bratton says that his character from "The Office" probably would've scammed his way out of jail by now with the help of the lawyer from "Making a Murderer", and is, quote, "somewhere doing the things Creed does.  Mostly stealing."

That's part of what he told the Tampa Bay Times, when asked what his character would be doing now: 

Six years have passed since the finale. What do you imagine Creed from The Office would be doing now?

"He never stayed in jail long. He got out pretty out fast. Remember on that Making a Murderer show, the really well-heeled defense attorney that was helping (Steven Avery)? I think she would have seen my case and taken pity. Then I’d scam her, take all her money. Then I’d be living somewhere doing the things Creed does. Mostly stealing. He’s a sweet crook."

This weekend, Bratton (Yes, his real name is also Creed Bratton) will be at Tampa Bay Comic Convention as part of the celebrity lineup signing autographs and posing for photos.

And judging by one of his latest Instagram posts, Creed is super into Area 51. 

"That’s my heritage, but we don’t need to go into that. Area 51? I know there’s something there. I went down in there with my guitar to entertain the reptile people. They all went “pffft pfftt pffft.” They loved it."

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