Kasey's Bachelorette Breakdown

May 14, 2019

What’s up, it’s Kasey!

 OUR FAV show is back, which means our fav segment is back; BACHELORETTE BREAKDOWN!

Last night was NIGHT ONE for Hannah B’s season. (Will we ever stop calling her Hannah B, and just call her Hannah?)

 As much as I disagree with the decision for Hannah to be the Bachelorette, we’re getting over it for the sake of trash reality television.

However, Hannah won my heart when she took Scott, the guy with a girlfriend at home, & put him on the curb like the garbage he is, in front of all the other guys. It’s clear Hannah B is not putting up with BS.

My favorite contestant has to be the pilot- the one who looks suspiciously like Ben Higgins.. Speaking of dopplegangers, they are EVERYWHERE this year. Check them out.