ID 90369363 © Mirko Vitali |

ID 90369363 © Mirko Vitali |

Tips To Throw A Killer Party

October 3, 2018

When you throw a party, you have about 20 minutes or less to impress someone- So if you want to throw a good party that makes people want to STAY, here are some ideas to get you started!

- Kasey

1. Make sure your place looks clean- there's almost a 100% chance that it'll be featured in your friends' Snapchat stories and Instagram posts. 

2. Set the mood with music. Keep it easy and use a premade party playlist on Spotify (my favorite is "Throwback Jams") , or make your own!

3. Offer someone a drink upon their entrance. Grab a variety of drinks beforehand so all of your friends have options. 

4. If you've got the means to have a fire (by fireplace, outdoor firepit, or even a bonfire), ALWAYS LIGHT ONE. People love hanging out around a fire. 

5. Remember to interact with each guest - introduce your friends to each other, don't let anyone fall under the radar. 

6. Back to the drinks- when you see someone is done with theirs, always offer to grab them another. 

7. Unless it's super hot outside, always open a window. It helps bring down the sound and temperature in a crowded room. 

8. Always keep a deck of cards close. It's when you DON'T have them, that everyone suddenly wants to play King's Cup. 

9. Don't ask your friends to take their shoes off.