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Krispy Kreme's Just Released 2 New Reese's Doughnuts

Because just one Reese's Doughnut wasn't going to be enough

August 6, 2019

(NOW) - Krispy Kreme just released two new Reese's doughnuts...  One that's heavy on peanut butter, and one that's heavy on chocolate. 

New Original Filled Reese's Peanut Butter and Chocolate Lovers doughnuts are out now at Krispy Kreme! The Peanut Butter Lovers is a chocolate glazed doughnut filled with chocolate peanut butter kreme and has peanut butter icing. The Chocolate Lovers is a chocolate glazed doughnut filled with peanut butter kreme with chocolate fudge icing.

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Available at Krispy Kreme shops for a limited time beginning Monday, Aug. 5, the Reese’s Original Filled Peanut Butter Lovers Doughnut has MORE peanut butter with chocolate, and the Reese’s Original Filled Chocolate Lovers Doughnut has MORE chocolate with peanut butter.

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