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Read All The Complaints the FCC Got About the Blues' Stanley Cup F-Bombs

Hockey players are known as the toughest athletes in sports, but some fans' ears weren't ready to hear the celebration

July 30, 2019

ST. LOUIS (NOW) - More than 8 million people watched NBC's coverage of the St. Louis Blues victory in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. And handful of them filed complaints with the FCC about what they heard. 

During the Stanley Cup presentation ceremony, Blues players passed the Cup to one another and some of them shouted a four-letter word that rhymes with firetruck. NBC eventually apologized on air and turned off the microphone that was picking up the Blues saying things like, "f***in-a,” "f*** yeah," "f***in’ right," "holy f***," and "let’s f***in’ go."

Thanks to a FOIA request by Deadspin, we have a list of the complaints made to the FCC about the postgame ceremony. Here are some of our favorites, but you can scroll through them all in the document below: 

"I was absolutely horrified byhearing these terrible words from professionals. There were also a couple of middle fingers from thestands. I had to take a shower after hearing those foul words because I felt so dirty and violated." - Bell Canyon, California

"During the presentation of the Stanley Cup last night there were an unacceptable amount of f-bombs dropped heard from on ice audio. This audio feed should have been cut off but wasn’t. Five of the first seven players raising the cup decided to do this in one form or another. I then changed channels to avoid further exposure to grandson watching. Producer / director should have cut on ice audio after first player did this." - Oswego, Illinois

"Maybe F---S were said" - Havertown, Pennsylvania

"When showing players celebrating, NBC chose not to use a 7 second delay, and allowed vulgar language to be broadcasted several times." - Greeneville, Tennessee 

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