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Nice weather? Add this to your weekend to-do list!

June 22, 2018

Are you in need of more FREE, family-friendly, fun activities this summer and beyond? Look no further than Discovery Days at The Watershed Nature Center, located only 23 miles from the Arch, in Edwardsville, Illinois! Discovery Days - held the fourth Saturday of every month throughout the year (except December), are a must-add to your weekend to-do list! This delightful monthly event encourages young adventurers, ages 5-12, to focus on unique nature topics through hands-on learning! Each month the young explorers get to uncover and master a new educational topic. Topics range from Bugs & Insects to Busy Winter Birds. Don’t have kids? Don’t worry - there are events for all ages at The Watershed. The Bird Walk is held the next 2 Saturdays in June before the Discovery Day begins. Join local bird experts to walk the Watershed Trails exploring bird diversity, spring migration patterns and more wonders of the bird world. Bird Walks are free and open to the public. Check out The Watershed Nature Center’s calendar of events for more information.  http://www.watershednaturecenter.org/calendar

The Watershed Nature Center is home to over 40 acres of prairie, forest, and wetland habitats. The center features paved walking trails, a raised marsh walk, and a welcome center. The watershed is dedicated to providing environmental education, passive recreation, and enjoyment of native habitats for Edwardsville and surrounding communities. The Watershed is owned by the City of Edwardsville, managed by the Nature Preserve Foundation, Inc., and supported by a local community of volunteers and sponsors. The Watershed Nature Center is a vital part of the Cahokia Creek watershed. Your support helps us ensure this essential, ecological resource is available to our community for generations to come.