Pickle Flavored Ice Cream is Now a Thing

and it's a big dill

May 2, 2018

Pickle-flavored soft serve is now a thing (thanks to The Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. in NYC) and here's to hoping that it makes its way to the Lou!

2018 has been 'the year of the pickle' with the introduction of ALOT of pickle-flavored items from pickle mints, pickle juice soda, and even dill pickle popcorn. While you may have a love of the classic flavor offerings of soft serve, the pickle loving world has demanded change and the ice cream gods have answered. 

So what's the verdict on the taste? Well, according to Instagram it's pretty good! One user called the treat "amazing" while another stated the ice cream was "really really good and you get a ton of it for just $5." 

Who knows what other pickle-flavored creations will bless us in 2018!  What a time to be alive!

A 5-day NYC spring heat wave starts tomorrow. Stay cool by getting this amazing Pickle Soft Serve from @luckypickledumpling --☀️--

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Yes this is Pickle Soft Serve and it’s really really good and you get a ton of it for just $5 and I just ate the whole thing and no I’m not pregnant @luckypickledumpling ------------ (dumplings and noodles are also great at this newly opened spot from the @jacobspickles team) #luckydumplingpickleco

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