Someone Offered $7,000 For 'Narwhal' The Unicorn Puppy, But 'He Is Not For Sale'

The shelter caring for "Narwhal" is going to keep the puppy.

November 15, 2019

(Mac the pitbull on Facebook)


JACKSON, Mo. (NOW) - It turns out there's a big demand for puppies with tails growing from their heads. But it sounds like this one in Missouri isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

After photos of a dog named Narwhal went viral on Wednesday, workers at the Mac's Mission animal rescue in Missouri have been swamped with adoption requests. But Mac's Mission owner Rochelle Steffen says the shelter's employees have decided to keep the little pooch, who's been nicknamed "the unicorn dog" by online news agencies.

In a Facebook post she said she had been offered $7,000 for him, but said "He is not for sale."

"He will be adoptable at some point and we truly have zero idea how we are navigating the process yet with over 300 applications," the post states. "

Steffen also says the shelter has received complaints from people who think Narwhal's extra tail should be removed. However, since vets determined the "tail" is really just a fur-covered piece of cartilage, there's no need to perform unnecessary surgery on the puppy.

GALLERY: Abandoned 'unicorn' puppy from Missouri has tail growing from forehead

"Since sharing this story they’ve come at us and said, ‘This is terrible. Take it off,'" Steffen says of the extra tail. "But there’s no reason to take it off. He’s 100 percent normal with just a bit of flair on his face."

He was rescued on Nov. 8 by Mac's Mission in Cape Girardeau and photos of the pup and his unique forehead quickly went viral. 

The rescuers took him to the doctor and found out the tail on his head is "not connected to anything and has no real use other than making him the COOLEST PUPPY EVER!"

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