Another Ice-Cream Licking Prankster Gets Caught, But He's Claiming Innocence

Should he face charges for this "prank?"

August 22, 2019

(NOW) - Well, we thought it was safe to go back to the ice cream section – but not yet. Another video was posted of someone licking Blue Bell ice cream before returning the container to a grocery store freezer. But this time it's different because the internet prankster says he didn't actually leave the tub for someone else to buy.

In this case, at a Walmart in Texas, the man seen pulling the stunt has been confirmed to be a prankster and says he paid for the ice cream afterward. The culprit, known online as "Dapper Don," posted the 20-second clip Monday. It has more than 110,000 views, and most of the people who watched failed to find humor in it. 

One Facebook user called the act "disgusting," while another wrote, "What a punk. You can't even be original!"

Police were able to locate Dapper Don, who explained the video was made as a prank.

As proof, he showed police the ice cream seen in the clip, along with a receipt, says Port Arthur Police Chief Tim Duriso. Although he wasn't arrested, officials are waiting for the district attorney's office to review the case before officially letting the ice cream licker off the hook, Duriso says.

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