Ugly Christmas Sweater


Five Strange Family Traditions

November 30, 2018

Does your family do something every year on Christmas that no one else's family seems to do every year on Christmas?  Don't worry, you're not weird . . . you're just, um, unique.

According to a new survey, one out of five families say they have at least one STRANGE Christmas tradition.  And here are five of the ones they shared . . .


1.  Dressing the cat up in a holiday costume.


2.  Playing "Mario Kart" on Christmas morning.


3.  Giving each other ugly ornaments.


4.  Camping in the living room on Christmas Eve.


5.  Watching horror movies on Christmas Day.

The survey also found the most popular holiday traditions.  And the top five are:  Decorating the Christmas tree . . . decorating the house . . . watching holiday movies . . . playing holiday music . . . and sending out cards. 

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