Blues Players Just Want to Celebrate the Stanley Cup With Their Kids

What's better than being able to share the greatest achievement in your career with your children? Nothing.

June 13, 2019

(NOW) - Wednesday night was certainly the biggest night in the careers of every single St. Louis Blues player, as they won the first Stanley Cup Championship in franchise history. Two of the players, Pat Maroon and Vladimir Tarasenko made sure they got their sons invovled in the celebrations as much as possible. 

Maroon wanted his son Anthony to touch the Cup, but he refused because he said he wants to win his own Cup one day: 

Vladimir Tarasenko had his son on the ice after the Game 7 victory too: 

And then when Tarasenko got back to St. Louis, he had to sign autographs and take photos with fans as quickly as he could, so that he could go home and see his newest son who was born on Saturday night. 

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