Lord Stanley Returns! Pat Maroon Brings the Stanley Cup to St. Louis on Saturday

Three members of the Stanley Cup Champion Blues, including Pat Maroon will have their days with the Cup on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

July 18, 2019

ST. LOUIS (NOW) - The Stanley Cup is coming back to town and will arrive just after 9 a.m. Friday for a three-day stay, according to the Cup's chaperone. 

The keeper of the Cup, Phil Pritchard will chaparone the trophy as it spends Friday through Sunday with one of the St. Louis Blues coaches, a team trainer and forward Pat Maroon. The 33-year-old Oakville native, Maroon will have his day with the Cup on Saturday. 

"We'll see how the hockey fever is still alive and well in Missouri," Pritchard says. 

Pritchard told our partner station, KMOX, that what impressed him the most about when the Blues returned to St. Louis after the Game 7 win is the relationship between the players and the fans.

"They get the fans are a big part of this team, after supporting them all these years in St. Louis," Pritchard says. "The players love the fans and the fans certainly love the players."

So far this summer, he and Stanley Cup have been all over Canada with Blues players and coaches. Check out some of what it's been up to via Blues Twitter: 

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