Micheal B Jordan

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Student Slides Into Michael B. Jordan's DMs (& It Worked!)

May 3, 2018

Temple University student Sylvia Wilson is being called a hero after sliding into Michael B. Jordan’s direct messages--and actually meeting the actor. BuzzFeed reports that the 21-year-old offered to buy Jordan a smoothie after learning he was nearby shooting scenes for Creed 2. When Jordan responded that she didn’t have to buy him anything, and could come meet him on set, Wilson gathered her girls and headed to meet him.

"He was so sweet and nice," Wilson said. "He was more than happy to take pictures with me and my friends that came with me!" She adds, "He smelled like Mahogany Teakwood from Bath & Body Works, but better.” Since posting the photos on Twitter, “sliding into DMs” has now been dubbed “pulling a Sylvia.” One Twitter user also sent the photo of Sylvia and Jordan to the actor, telling him, “Just lettin' you know, all of Twitter is rootin’ for y’all.”

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