There's Now a T-Shirt to Immortalize Tarasenko's Hilarious 'What's a Rub Off Means?' Quote

We're not sure if the best part is now Vlady's quote, Petro's reaction or the new t-shirts

June 6, 2019

(NOW) - With the St. Louis Blues now five games into the Stanley Cup Final against the rival Boston Bruins, we are truly taking in all of the experiences and are enjoying every moment that we can. Especially the funniest of moments.

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Case in point, the Game 4 postgame press conference after the Blues won 4-2 and the panel had Ryan O’Rilley, captain Alex Pietrangelo and Vladimir Tarasenko. Each one is answering questions and complementing each other about the series tying win when a reporter asks Tarasneko a good question.

“When a new guy like him comes in and you see how hard he works, and plays the right way, how much does that rub off on you and the rest of the team?”

Tarasenko leans in and goes, “Whats a rub off means?”

The reporter then clarifies the question but as the camera pans back you see Pietrangelo start to laugh and lower his head to keep from really laughing hard.

It’s such an off the cuff moment but has gone viral to the point where there are now shirits being sold on Amazon that has the quote “Whats a Rub Off Means,” and they are available for 20 bucks.

Don’t ever change Vladi and LETS GO BLUES!!!!

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