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What's The Worst Song To Have To Listen To On Repeat?

May 9, 2018

A Deadspin user recently revealed that her neighbor plays the same three songs--Daniel Powter's "Bad Day," Imagine Dragons' "Thunder" and Dido's "White Flag"--in his apartment every day.

She then asks what the worst song to be forced to listen to on repeat forever would be.

“'Bennie and the Jets' by Elton John is plodding, arrhythmic garbage, and its staying power positively befuddles me," replies guest columnist Matt Ufford. "I get that it was the 1970s and everyone was into Quaaludes and sequins and songs about fictional bands, but that particular song should have been relegated to the dustbin of history. I shouldn’t have had to hear Elton screech 'BENNIE! BENNIE!' on my classic rock radio station in the ‘90s. And I like Elton John! Elton John is great! But if a neighbor blasted that plonking piano track on repeat every day, I’d have homicide detectives banging on my door by the end of the week."

That is a VERY strong opinion!  What song would you hate to listen to on repeat?