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Girl Sets Apartment On Fire While Burning Her Ex's Love Letters

(NOW) - A Nebraska woman is facing negligent burning charges after she torched love letters from her ex-boyfriend – and ended up setting her apartment on fire. Police in Lincoln, Neb. say 19-year-old Ariauna Lillard used a butane torch to burn letters from her former lover. When a few of the... Read More

WICKED is Green for Good!

Do 1 Thing to protect the environment, it all starts with 1 Thing. September is World Ozone Month and what better way to celebrate than to cut down on emissions. Pick a day and get rid of all your aerosol sprays and cleaning products and replace them with eco-friendly options. Check your air... Read More

Cardinals Player Who Broke Big Mac Land is 'Buying' The Letter 'M'

ST. LOUIS (NOW) - A member of the St. Louis Cardinals will pay for the damage he did in Busch Stadium last month. Shortstop Paul DeJong will purchase the "M" from Big Mac Land for $22,000 and all of the money is going to charity. DeJong busted the "M" in Big Mac Land with a home run on August 20... Read More

Porn Site Offers Huge Bid To Buy Naming Rights For NBA Arena

(NOW) - Miami's American Airlines Arena will be getting a new name soon after the airline announced earlier this week it would no longer pay for naming rights. Now a porn website is bidding to take their spot. The porn company BangBros just put in a $10 million bid for the NAMING RIGHTS to the... Read More

In Newest Monopoly Game, Women Make More Money Than Men

(NOW) - Women are getting a little closer to taking over the world – the board game world at least – thanks to Hasbro’s new “Ms. Monopoly” game. The new take on the classic Monopoly board game celebrates women’s empowerment by allowing female players to collect $240 after passing go, males will... Read More

Ranch is Now Beating Ketchup in Popularity, Says New Report

(NOW) - There's an article in "Ad Age" magazine right now that's claiming RANCH DRESSING has now passed KETCHUP in popularity. Hidden Valley Ranch says they've found the majority of the time people aren't using ranch as salad dressing. They say 70% of ranch is now used as a dipping sauce or topping... Read More