Brooke & Jubal

2nd Date Update: Jason and Lauren - Watch What You Eat

After going on a blind date with his friend’s sister, one of our listeners can’t figure out why he isn’t getting a call back. Can we help him land a second date? Or are his strange eating habits too much to handle?
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service dog

Phone Tap: Legally Obligated to Eat Your Dog

Over the years, Jubal has managed to use his Phone Taps to convince people to do a number of outrageous things but today’s Phone Tap takes that to the limit. You’re not gonna want to miss it!
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2nd Date Update: James and Sharon - Mr Postman

One of our listeners works as a postman who made the bold move of asking out a woman who lives on his route. Though after getting drinks he hasn’t heard from her in weeks. Special Delivery: a brand new Second Date next!
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Milking a cow on a farm.

Phone Tap: Milk My Winkie Like a Cow

The year is young but we already have a contender for the most UNCOMFORTABLE Phone Tap of 2019 already. It’s your Phone Tap and it happening next.
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2nd Date Update: Sherman and Sarah - Cash on the seat

Jubal has done some terrible things in the middle of his dates: drank too much, made the girl pay, flirted with other women. But he's NEVER secretly snuck away in the middle of a date. That's one happened to one of our listeners. And we need to find out WHY!
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Phone Tap: Wanna Buy My Kids?

Jubal is pretends to be the father of the children that his poor babysitter is watching. He calls her up and has a hankering to make a deal with her. A deal that gets him out of 18 years of work.
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2nd Date Update: Tim and Allison - Bad Dreamz

Tim swears he has no idea what he could have possibly done to make his date mad. He met Allison at a church charity event and now he can't get a call back. Is he completely oblivious to some huge mistake? Or is it something else entirely?
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Phone Tap: Soft Tots

If there are two things Jubal loves it's fitness and sticking his nose in people's business for the sake of a phone tap. Coming up next: The best of both worlds!
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Phone Tap: Duncan Suspects a Meth Dealer

Our old pal Duncan is back for another Phone Tap… And if you haven’t already heard, Duncan is very introverted and does NOT do well with confrontation. But for some strange reason he is always is the one that tends to give bad news to very angry people…
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2nd Date Update: Joseph and Stephanie, Can I Move In

One of our listeners is BROKE. No job and no money… but that didn’t stop him from planning a completely FREE date. The date was fun… until he said a few certain words that he feel might have ended the date.
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