Brooke & Jubal

2nd Date Update: Meredith and Mike - Ur Smurfin' Crazy

One of our listeners feels horrible about the mistake she made during her date and the guy even called her out on it. We’re sift through her embarrassment and try to salvage a second date NEXT!
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Three Delicious Cookies that include a chocolate peanut butter, coconut ring, and a thin chocolate mint cookie that are sold door to door.

Phone Tap: Kyler and the Thin Mints

It’s Girl Scout cookie season! Jubal’s taking advantage of that and Phone Tapping the mom of one scout whose only crime was being a good salesperson!
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2nd Date Update: Tommy and Hope - Light balls don't win

One of our listeners went on a great date and he has no idea what went wrong, except that maybe there was some trouble with his equipment choices at the bowling alley. We called his date and then figured out what was wrong, not with him, but with everyone else.
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Phone Tap: Little League Psycho Mom

As we continue counting down the best Phone Taps of 2018 we realize there’s nothing quite like a little league mom scorned. Jubal is calling the mother of a little league baseball player and wants to confront her about her foul behavior next!
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2nd Date Update: Steph and Chris - Teacher gets hit on at the bar

The woman in today’s Second Date doesn’t actually want to see the guy we’re calling again. In fact, she didn’t even really go out with him in the first place! The request she has for us is something we’ve never been asked to do.
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Phone Tap: Jubal Drunk Dial

We get a lot of requests from people all over the country to do phone taps. So, Jubal thought it would be hilarious to call one of our listeners and act drunk. Will they figure out that he’s actually phone tapping them? Find out next!
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2nd Date Update: Date Jake and Theresa - 2 Years Angry Dad

Rarely do you go on a date that tears apart your entire family. That actually happened on today’s Phone Call and, as usual, it’s our job to put it back together in your Second Date!
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Young man wins a lottery online. Money are falling from above. Online betting concept.

Phone Tap: Didn't Win the Lottery

Coming up in your Phone Tap, Jubal calls a woman who has been buying lottery tickets regularly for a decade. After all this time, there hasn’t been a win, but today Jubal has some very exciting news! Unfortunately, the good news isn’t for her.
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Big Bird

Second Date Update: Kenny and Dana - Baby Gets the Bird

In today’s Second Date, one of our listeners started off his date with what may be the boldest move ever made on a first date. The problem? That wasn’t the only shocking thing he did on that date. Find out what happened next!
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Phone Tap: Tell My Wife You Think I'm Hot

Jubal poses as the branch manager of a bank and calls a new employee. He has heard really good things about her and is hoping she could do him a favor. His wife might call and ask about him. If she does, he needs some help.
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