Song From Taylor Swift's New Album is About a 'Misfit Widow' From St. Louis

Taylor Swift just dropped a new album and one of the songs is about a woman from St. Louis who lived a very interesting life.
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Squirrel Tests Positive for Bubonic Plague in Colorado

A squirrel in Colorado has tested positive for the bubonic plague. Officials report that it is the first case of the plague in The Town of Morrison, southwest of Denver.
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How to Get a Free Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Delivered to Your Home This Week

Popeyes and Postmates have launched a new chicken sandwich promotion! Randomly selected customers will score a promo code that works like a chain reaction. Find out more now.
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AJ McLean Warns You to Stay '6 Feet Back' on Backstreet Boys Coronavirus Parody

The Backstreet Boys’, AJ McLean has discovered Mann’s parody videos and almost immediately wanted to collaborate. Chris Mann has started a series of viral parody videos where he utilizes popular songs to discuss common topics during the pandemic.
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haze, U-City

Art, peace, hope in U-City: HaZe takes a tour of his favorite part of St. Louis

The community is coming together to create art on the boarded up walls in The Loop and around U-City, Haze takes us on a tour of his favorite part of St. Louis.
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protest, St. Louis

NOW 96.3, family of stations, to air 60 seconds of silence to recognize racial injustices

KMOX, KFTK, KYKY, KNOU and KEZK radio station in St. Louis will broadcast a full minute of silence to recognize all those who have suffered from racial injustice.
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Star Wars’ Update: Jon Favreau Reveals ‘Mandalorian’ Season 2 Details

Patience, you must have. “The Mandalorian” wrapped up its first season on Friday and creator Jon Favreau revealed that the second season of the Disney+ live-action series will arrive in 2020. See more details now.
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Giant 'Murder Hornets' Arrive in United States and Can Kill People

“Murder hornets” have arrived in North America, and scientists fear the deadly insects might be here to stay. Asian giant hornets can grow up to 2 inches long.
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live nation

Ariana Grande, Kenny Chesney, Beastie Boys To Hold Live Stream Concerts This Week

Some artist are taking time off during this coronavirus pandemic and instead are holding live-stream concerts this week.
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New Instagram Show ‘Quarantined Bachelor’ Goes Viral

Many of us are familiar with working from home, but what about dating from home? ‘Quarantined Bachelor,’ a new Instagram show, is now going viral.
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