Phone Tap

Photo of a backpack at school.

Phone Tap: Pook Goes Back To School

Your favorite foul-mouthed Phone Tap character is back: it’s Clarence a.k.a. Big Pook! This time he’s not looking for work, but as always he’s up to something suspicious.
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Nanny holds a baby.

Phone Tap: Baby Talk Nanny

In today's Phone Tap Jubal called a woman who applied for a nanny position. She almost has the job, but there’s one very odd final test she must complete first.
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Phone Tap: Jubal's Drunk Dial

We get so many requests from people all over the country to do phone taps. So, Jubal thought it would be hilarious to call someone who requested a phone tap and act, well, drunk. Will they figure out that he’s actually phone tapping them?
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: Keep My Lost Cat, Please

Jubal calls a woman who recently took in a stray cat. Oddly enough, that was Jubal’s cat! But he doesn’t want it back.
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: I Already Paid Those Tickets

Dennis already paid off his $700 parking tickets last week, but that's not what Jubal’s records show.
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: You Almost Won $600K

Jubal has fantastic news for one woman who was at the casino last night.
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: Got Your Evite

Jubal calls a woman to tell her he's super pumped about her birthday party and can't wait to celebrate with her.
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: Hatch Your Phone

Our Phone Tap victim has been so upset and frustrated with his brand new phone that he’s going to send it back and DEMAND a refund.
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: Dr. Feel Good

Our Phone Tap victim rolled her ankle a few weeks back and after going to her doctor she’s now getting a call from Jubal who has some “special” ideas.
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: Bank Fee Pleasure Call

Jubal calls a guy who’s having major issues with his bank. Apparently he has been charged with so many ridiculous fees that he’s asked to speak with a supervisor. That’s where Jubal comes in…
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