National Cheap Flight Day: how to get the best deals on airfare

(KNOU) — Cheap Flight Day is Friday, Aug. 23, however, despite the name, today is not necessarily the best day to score a cheap flight, according to CNBC . “The bad news is that there’s not any single cheapest day of the year to book flights, but the good news is that right now we’re living in the...
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Woman becomes stranded after taking a nap on plane

You take a nap on a flight, it lands, you'd think somebody, a flight attendant at least would wake you up. Unfortunately for Taffani Adams, that was not the case on an Air Canada flight earlier this month. Tiffani says she dozed off en route from Quebec to Toronto June 9. She rose from slumber...
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Ants Spill Out of Carry-On, Take Over Plane

Passengers on a transatlantic flight from Venice, Italy to Newark, New Jersey found themselves surrounded by some unwanted baggage in the form of a barrage of ants. Charlotte Burns was on the United Airlines flight and was the first to notice the creepy critters by tweeting that “a large fat ant”...
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