American Idol

Why Simon Cowell Credits Kelly Clarkson With the Success of 'American Idol'

When “American Idol” first hit the airwaves in 2002, those involved with the show didn’t know exactly what to expect. The singing competition was inspired by the British show “Pop Idol,” but no one knew if the idea would take off in America. That all changed when Kelly Clarkson took the stage. The...
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Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie Officially Returning to 'American Idol'

The gang is getting back together. Katy Perry , Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie have all officially signed on for the next season of “American Idol.” Auditions had already been underway, but it wasn’t a done deal that the trio of stars would be back as judges. Bobby Bones is also returning as in-house...
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'American Idol' Judges Announced They're Coming Back Despite Pay-Cut Rumors

It was unclear whether ABC and "American Idol" could afford to bring back their three judges: KATY PERRY, LIONEL RITCHIE, and LUKE BRYAN. But now, they announced that they'll ALL be back for their third season together. There's no word on the terms of their deals, as ratings took a sharp dive last...
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Maddie Poppe

Maddie Poppe Wins American Idol 2018

Maddie Poppe was named American Idol’s season 16 winner on Monday night’s finale. In addition to featuring performances from several top 10 finishers, the episode featured Maddie delivering an encore performance of the song she auditioned with ("Rainbow Connection”) alongside Kermit the Frog...
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Katy Perry

Video: Katy Perry Gets Jealous on Disney Night

Judge Katy Perry became green with envy during the first live coast-to-coast broadcast of American Idol on Sunday night. The awkward moment occurred after contestant Cade Foehner decided to perform "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid as part of the episode’s “Disney Night” theme. Perry, who...
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Katy Perry Says She's "Spoken for," Is She Back with Orlando Bloom?

"I'm sorry I have been spoken for and speak for myself," Perry said. "And I'm very happy."
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