baby goats

Dwarf Goats Are All the Rage on the L.A. Party Scene

L.A. woman Scout Raskin owns a pair of Nigerian dwarf goats named Spanky and Pippin. And she puts them to work, renting the pair out for $99 an hour to attend hot Hollywood parties, where they're often placed on the backs of party animals (the human kind) who are down on the ground on all fours. As...
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WATCH: Achilles The Psychic Cat Picks Who The World Cup Winner Will Be

Video of Psychic cat prepares to pick World Cup winner It's almost World Cup time! A deaf cat named Achilles who lives at a musuem in St. Petersburg, will predict the winner by eating from two bowls of food marked with the countries flag on each one. In 2017 he predicted three out of the four...
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