WATCH: Magician David Blaine Takes His Latest Trick to 23,000 Feet in the Air

Famed magician David Blaine, known for his death-defying feats, has taken his tricks into the clouds with his latest project titled “Ascension.”
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Chaos Erupts Over 99-Cent Sneakers, Cops Shut Down Store

( 1010 WINS ) -- A pop-up shop for a sneaker collaboration between Adidas and AriZona Iced Tea turned chaotic Thursday morning -- fueled by 99-cent sneakers -- and forced NYPD to shut down the event. Arizona ice tea pop shop shut down by nypd. They didnt even open the store. #adizona99 pic.twitter...
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Arizona removes nunchucks from list of banned weapons

PHOENIX (KNOU) — Good news for any aspiring ninjas out there — Arizona just legalized nunchucks. Last week, Gov. Doug Ducey signed off on a bill that removed nunchucks, along with several other items, from a list of banned weapons. A number of states banned nunchucks in the 70's after the weapons...
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