Worried Airplane Passengers Wrap Themselves in Full-Body Plastic to Protect Against Coronavirus

As panic over the coronavirus outbreak as swept across the world, people still remain on high alert. On a flight, worried passengers were seen wrapped in plastic to protect themselves from the coronavirus.
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Oakville Students Sew Koala Mittens, Kangaroo Pouches To Help Lost Or Hurt Australian Animals

OAKVILLE (NOW) - Sewing students at Oakville High School are joining thousands of people worldwide making things to help homeless animals in Australia. Oakville HS sewing class helps displaced Australian animals Kangaroos need joey pouches and koalas need mittens to help their burned paws heal...
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Send Love to Australia Amid Wildfires

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are offering their support to Australia as wildfires continue to spread. CBS News has reported that around 12.35 million acres have burned in Australia, while it has destroyed more than 1,400 homes and claimed about 23 lives. The news organization said, "more than...
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Parents Spark Backlash For Giving Baby 'Ridiculous' Blended Last Name

An Australian couple is gaining a lot of attention after making a decision that involves their baby! Both Courtney Cassar and Laura Sheldon decided to give their daughter a last name that is a mashup of both of their last names. Instead of hyphenating both last names, Cassar and Sheldon wanted to...
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Woman Fakes Pregnancy To Avoid Paying Baggage Fee

(100.3 Jack FM) When it comes to air travel, no one wants to pay baggage fees on top of an already expensive plane ticket. Some people go to extremes trying to avoid these fees, either by under packing, or trying to get everything they can into a carry on. While some have strange tactics to avoid...
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Kmart Removes Inappropriate Children's Halloween Costume from Shelves

Kmart Australia just removed a children’s Halloween costume from its shelves. This decision happened after a concerned parent put together a petition and called the outfit "beyond inappropriate." Australia’s 7 News spoke to the mother, who said she noticed the costume while she was shopping with...
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top view of beer cans

WATCH: Australian man trades 2 cases of beer for "unicorn" sheep

BURRA, Australia ( KNOU ) — An Australian livestock agent rescued a "unicorn" sheep marked for slaughter by trading two cases of beer for it. Michael Foster became intrigued with the sheep, named Joey, when he noticed it had a horn in the middle of its head — like a unicorn. In light of Foster's...
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