Artist to Artist: Niall Horan Asks Billie Eilish About 'The Office' and Wants a Collab

If there was a Dundee Award for “Most Valuable Fan” of The Office , it would have to go to Billie Eilish . The GRAMMY nominee is a self-confessed fanatic about the show, with her love for Steve Carell and company reaching Threat Level Midnight levels. Not only is Eilish constantly watching the show...
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Alicia Keys and Billie Eilish Duet, Trade Compliments on 'Late Late Show'

“We need some dramatic lighting,” Alicia Keys said as she prepared to join Billie Eilish for a song on “The Late Late Show.” The studio became bathed in blue before Keys began a piano intro to Eilish’s 2016 single “Ocean Eyes.” The two singers maintained their distinctive styles while trading...
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MyMusicRx-clusive: Billie Eilish Shares How She Picks Her Outfits

RADIO.COM has teamed up with the Children’s Cancer Association and MyMusicRX, to bring questions from kids facing cancer or other serious illnesses directly to their favorite artists. Music’s biggest stars like Lizzo , Louis Tomlinson , the Jonas Brothers , and more each took time to answer these...
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Billie Eilish on Why It's a Great Time to Be Vegan

There’s no better time to be Billie Eilish . The “bad guy” singer is almost everyone’s top artist of 2019 and a record-breaking GRAMMY nominee, plus her vegan lifestyle is easier now than it has ever been. In a new interview with Variety , Eilish talks about the struggles of being vegan on tour but...
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7 Amazing Moments You Missed From the 2019 American Music Awards

Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish ruled the 2019 American Music Awards, simultaneously showing the future of music and one of the strongest legacies of the new millennium. Eilish was crowned New Artist of the Year , and Taylor was honor as not only the Artist of the Year , but also the Artist of the...
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Billie Eilish Reveals the Most Exciting Thing About Turning 18

Billie Eilish is nominated for 6 GRAMMY Awards and has already sold out most of next year’s tour, but with all the success there’s something slightly smaller that the “bad guy” singer can’t wait to do. Eilish stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night to talk about the excitement of being the...
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