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Viral Video: That Is Definitely Not How You Pronounce That Name

This literally looks like a scene out of Anchorman. This footage shows news anchor Brianna Clark butchering the name of Louisville Metro Police Officer Deidre Mengedoht, who was killed during a traffic stop right before Christmas. As the clip shows, Clark ended up saying “Dee Dee Megadoodoo.” I’m...
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LOOK OUT FOR THAT...Pond (Cameraman Makes The Most EPIC Save Ever)

Video of Cameraman Makes Epic Save After Falling News Blooper This cameraman from a local NEWS outlet in Vegas came through with one of the most solid saves of 2018. The news achor was in the middle of a LIVE shot from a kayak when the cameraman stumbled into the pound and continued shooting the...
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VIDEO: Here's A Look At NEWS Bloopers From April

It's always great catching up on the funny NEWS bloopers that hit the internet. Take a look what happend last month. Video of BEST NEWS BLOOPERS APRIL 2018
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