Brook and Jubal

Phone Tap: Duncan Suspects a Meth Dealer

Our old pal Duncan is back for another Phone Tap… And if you haven’t already heard, Duncan is very introverted and does NOT do well with confrontation. But for some strange reason he is always is the one that tends to give bad news to very angry people…
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Phone Tap: Little League Psycho Mom

As we continue counting down the best Phone Taps of 2018 we realize there’s nothing quite like a little league mom scorned. Jubal is calling the mother of a little league baseball player and wants to confront her about her foul behavior next!
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Young happy couple arrived to hotel room on honeymoon

Phone Tap: This Hotel is Messed Up

Hotels usually take care of everything you need so you can relax on vacation: clean sheets, clean towels, a quiet space to rest. That is, unless you’re booking a room at Jubal’s hotel. Don’t miss the Phone Tap next!
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Brooke & Jubal Second Date Update: PTA Meeting

The couple in today’s Second Date are both single parents who met at a PTA meeting. Ronald and Carrie hit it off, but Carrie isn’t calling Ronald back because he’s looking out for his future. Is she overreacting? You be the judge.
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Kids play games at county fair.

Brooke & Jubal Second Date Update: Carnival Guy

He thinks it was just amessy apartment that kept the girl of dream away, but this young man who works at the carnival had no clue what her real reason was for not returning his calls.
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