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Which state is most dangerous for online dating? 

(KNOU) — If you're looking for love online, you may want to start looking for a new beau in one of the New England states. For the second year in a row, Vermont is ranked the safest place for online dating, according to HighSpeedInternet.com . Stats on internet crimes, STDs and sex/HIV education...
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Need a Dating App Break? Bumble Adds 'Snooze' Feature

Constantly checking the dating apps on your phone for new messages and matches might leave you feeling burnt out, in need of a break. If you use Bumble, you can now take one without losing or offending your connections, thanks to the app's new Snooze feature. A few ways to reclaim your energy: put...
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Your go-to GIFs on dating apps

5 Ways to Have Better Conversations on Tinder

According to Elite Daily , these five things will spark better conversations with you your next Tinder match. Here they are: Upload smiling, face-forward photos to get more matches. People who smile in their photos are 14 percent more likely to get swiped right on than people who don't. Your...
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Let A Stranger Choose Your Dating App Picture

Here's a weird tip that could get you more dates. If you're doing online dating, let a complete STRANGER choose your profile pic. A recent study found there's a good chance they'll do a better job of it than you, and choose a more attractive photo. Researchers in Australia did an experiment with...
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